Women In Leadership Panelist Biography Graphics
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Women In Leadership Panelist Biography Graphics

Women In Leadership Panelist Biography Graphics


Published: November 8, 2021 0 0 208
By: Kennedy Whitten, Tarleton State University
Category: Education

For the Women in Leadership Panel hosted by my colleague, Sarah Nolting, I helped created the graphics attached to this post/project. Our supervisor for this project, Darrell Brown, suggested that we create individual biography's for each panelist as well as the facilitator. Sarah's idea for this event was for it to be professional and uplifting, so these personal biographies added the special touch this event was needing to showcase exactly what the event entailed.
Sarah Nolting provided all of the information for these graphics, for each woman featured on the panel. She also provided the pictures of each individual, I simply reorganized the information to fit the desired size and added simple graphics that were not already on the original designs.

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