Web Design for Envy Co. Hair Salon
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Web Design for Envy Co. Hair Salon

Web Design for Envy Co. Hair Salon


Published: November 5, 2021 0 0 238
By: Kennedy Whitten, Tarleton State University
Category: Marketing & Advertising
Hashtags: #Advertising #Design #Marketing #PR #SocialMedia

During my time as the Social Media Manager at the Envy Co. Hair Salon, I built this website for the stylists from scratch using the Wix web design features. Some features include online booking options for each stylist, as well as Instagram tags for users to easily access social platforms for each stylist. There is even an online chat box at the bottom of the website home page (see pictures attached for reference), for users to easily email the salon if needed. I worked extremely hard to make this platform user-friendly.

I enjoyed creating this platform for the salon to utilize. I learned how to work my way around the Six web design platform, which created curiosity in my mind about other web design platforms. I am intrigued and interested to learn more about this. I did encounter a few challenges during this process, such as panicking when the Wix platform becomes finicky and would randomly delete some of my work. It took a while to complete the website, as one could imagine, due to my work constantly being erased, but after a while of working with the platform I learned how to make changes save permanently.
I think the end result of all of my time and hardworking is beautiful, and I am very proud of this as it is my first time ever designing a website. I included the link for the website as well as screenshots of the work I created, because the owner of the salon has recently hired a new individual that took over my position. So in the event that the new Social Media Manager changes the website, there are photo screenshots of my original work.