Texan Corps of Cadets Intern 2 Learn
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Texan Corps of Cadets Intern 2 Learn

Texan Corps of Cadets Intern 2 Learn


Published: April 24, 2017 0 0 376
By: Wendy Macias-mata, Tarleton State University
Category: Professional Development
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As an Intern to Learn for the Corps of Cadets I was able to improve on many skills such as; communication skills, working with Cadre and other Faculty/ Staff has help me develop confidence, it has made it easier for me to talk to other people outside of the work environment or to people with less "power". Working with other interns has also improve my communication skills as well as teamwork. I was able to learn different aspects of etiquette and time management. I also had to answer the phone and organize paperwork in filing cabinets and uniforms. Additionally, I had to go through important paperwork and use Excel to enter important data, which is a huge responsibility. Helping set up with our Military Ball was also something I got to assist in. Being an intern has been a great experience!

Intern will observe the confidentiality of data and office communications, learn and exhibit good organizational and time management skills, learn and exhibit good telephone/office etiquette, demonstrate an ability to work independently and make decisions with minimal supervision, exhibit good interpersonal and communication skills and learn and exhibit satisfactory customer service skills, both internal and external. Intern will also become involved in projects deemed appropriate for this level, attend enhancement training, assist with managing events and attend committee meetings when necessary.


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