SWATA Competency Workshop (Entry 2)
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SWATA Competency Workshop (Entry 2)

SWATA Competency Workshop (Entry 2)


Published: March 11, 2019 0 0 137
By: Brittany Thompson, Tarleton State University
Category: Athletics
Hashtags: #competencyworkshop #Education #swata

This conference allowed us to learn some new skills and to learn from athletic training professors from other universities. There was athletic trainers there from untraditional settings that also spoke and explained what their work style looked like with different populations. The second day of the conference we took a practice BOC exam so that we could go through and ask questions about how the BOC constructs test based on information and to gain valuable sources that many of the test questions were found.

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  • Alayshia Hunter
  • Ashlyn Tidwell
  • Coy Barrick
  • Hayden Mcpherson
  • Kayla Ewing