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Published: September 12, 2017 0 0 300
By: Jacob Strickland, Tarleton State University
Category: Sports & Recreation
Hashtags: #Fitness #Hobby #Sports

The CEO of Spikeball, Chris Ruder, first discovered the game in the 1980s.
However, the first set was not sold until 2008. By 2013, Spikeball had gained so much popularity that the owner was able to quit his day job and focus on marketing Spikeball.
The game is a team sport, which consists of two teams of two players.
When the game is started, the two teams will line up adjacent to each other on opposite sides of the Spikeball net. One team will serve the ball from behind the boundary line. When the ball is served, it enables the players to move anywhere on their side of the net.
The primary objective of the game is for the players to hit the ball into the net, which will prevent the opposing team from returning the ball.
Each team is allotted a maximum of three touches to return the ball to the opposing team, which is carried on until the ball is not returned correctly.



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