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Silent Video

Silent Video


Published: February 21, 2019 0 0 320
By: Ariel Sanchez, Tarleton State University
Category: Film & Television
Hashtags: #adobepremier #Editing #Film #Production #Project #Shortfilm #Video #video_project

I was to create a silent video that tells the story of solving a problem. I had to set the scene, establish that a problem exists, work through the problem in various scenes, and have a resolution.

Phase I:
During this phase of the assignment, you will complete the following tasks:
Establish an acceptable communication plan with your group
Determine a Topic/Problem for your project to address
Write a detailed script that introduces, works through, and resolves your problem. There will be no dialog, but you will need to set the scene and describe your location, setting, and the mood for your story
Create a shot-list based off of your script (use the shot-list template on Blackboard)
Using one of the ACOM cameras, you will capture video assets (in script order) that tell your story. **Make sure you include a minimum three-second buffer at the beginning and end of each shot**.
Review your scenes in camera to determine if you would like any pickup shots to use in Phase II

Phase II:
After an initial viewing in class of your raw footage, you will complete the following tasks:
Create a new Adobe Premiere CC Project
Import video assets for your project
Select appropriate music and/or sound effects for your video
Edit your video into a ONE MINUTE final version.
Create final credits
Export/Render your final Project following the “How to Export a Final Video” instructions found on Black Board