Service - Entry 3


Published: March 22, 2018 0 0 218
By: Kaleigh Conger, Tarleton State University
Category: Kinesiology
Hashtags: #tsu_kine_pd_2017

Every Monday the volleyball team has been volunteering to work Angel League. The picture I submitted is a picture of my little brother, Jacoby. I did not work with him simply because I wanted to get to know the other kids. The first week I followed a little boy around and carried his oxygen tank. This past Monday, October 1st, I played with a little girl named Kya. They paired me up with Kya because she is deaf and I know a little bit of sign language. She definitely had a mind of her own! I had a blast watching the kids and my teammates grow and play in a setting they are uncomfortable with.

Tagged Teammates:

  • Adrianna Knutson
  • Amber Strange
  • Carmen Kinsey
  • Christa Reyes
  • Lauren Kersey