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Live Music Saloon Server

Live Music Saloon Server


Published: August 4, 2019 0 0 98
By: Tori Slade, Tarleton State University
Category: Communication
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I was able to help at a restaurant which served ice cream, food, alcohol and the concoction of "boozy milkshakes." The theme is Old West and the servers wear attire to fit the era. The saloon is decorated as if you were truly in the Old West. Each barrel table has bags underneath with dominoes, checkers, chess and cards. There is an upstairs section with poker, billiards, a book exchange and local art for sale. The Silver Saddle Saloon is a place for fun, family and a night out.

On Friday and Saturdays local artists will play live music in the main room throughout the night to liven the atmosphere.

Photos from Silver Saddle Saloon Facebook