PTSD & Age
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PTSD & Age

PTSD & Age


Published: January 24, 2019 0 0 274
By: Gerrod Boothe, Tarleton State University
Category: Science
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As a Combat Veteran, from the ages of 17-30, I was curious to see how PTSD affects a person at different stages in their life and how PTSD comes to be at different ages. Something I learned was the younger ages within this group is more about denial that PTSD will ever occur within them, the middle ages is the unsettling moment when admitting to oneself that it can happen, and the end ages do as much altruistic activities as possible in an attempt to redeem oneself from the previous terrible experiences or prevent them from happening to others. One challenge I faced was with those in America creating biased beliefs and preconceived notions that other countries would not enlist child soldiers because America would not enlist child soldiers, another is denial within oneself but also denial for the group as a whole, and a lack of empathy as many cannot put themselves in another person's shoes (combat boots for this instance) to look at the bigger picture.

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