Hytch'd - Ride Sharing Service
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Hytch'd - Ride Sharing Service

Hytch'd - Ride Sharing Service


Published: April 27, 2017 1 0 956
By: Brandon Jurado, Tarleton State University
Category: Mobile App Development
Hashtags: #Android #android_studio #Application #Development #GoogleAPI #IOS #JAVA #Mobile #mobile_app #MobileAppDevelopment

Collaborated in a team to create a mobile application oriented towards benefitting the environment by the concept of carpooling to nearby locations. This also benefits app users who either do not have a vehicle or want to make some sort of contribution in helping the environment. The application uses a maps interface so users (or 'hytchers') can plan their route and find nearby drivers who will pick them up after they have negotiated price.

Tagged Teammates:

  • Armando Soriano
  • Luna Jurd
  • Preston Ward


Luna Jurd