Published: March 24, 2020 0 0 65
By: Ashlyn Tidwell, Tarleton State University
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SWATA Competency Wk shp- I absolutely loved going to the workshop, I felt as if going better helped me prepare for the BOC exam. I believe we discussed each domain efficiently. It was interesting to have other AT program professors teaching us. I was able to network with other young AT’s and make new connections. I also loved going to the quiz bowel (YAYY 3rd place). I feel as if going to this workshop will help me when studying for my BOC.

Tagged Teammates:

  • Alayshia Hunter
  • Brittany Thompson
  • Coy Barrick
  • Hayden Mcpherson
  • Jeston Craig
  • Keandra Gray
  • Kristin Cunningham
  • Matthew Golden
  • Rachel Young