PD1. NATA Las Vegas 2019
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PD1. NATA Las Vegas 2019

PD1. NATA Las Vegas 2019


Published: March 24, 2020 0 0 35
By: Ashlyn Tidwell, Tarleton State University
Category: Other

NATA- I was lucky enough to attend NATA in both New Orleans 2018 & Las Vegas 2019, these conferences are wonderful places to network with other AT’s and they provide an abundance of educational resources. This conference is very student friendly; they provide a lot of experiences for young AT’s. For example, every year they have a student focused cadaver lab. I pl on attending many more in the future

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  • Alayshia Hunter
  • Coy Barrick
  • Hayden Mcpherson
  • Jeston Craig
  • Keandra Gray
  • Kristin Cunningham
  • Matthew Golden