Newsletter for local business in Stephenville,TX
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Newsletter for local business in Stephenville,TX

Newsletter for local business in Stephenville,TX


Published: November 12, 2018 0 0 247
By: Ariel Sanchez, Tarleton State University
Category: Public Relations
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Goals for this assignment:
To learn what type of a newsletter an organization needs, its frequency of publication, distribution list, tone, and contents.

Design, develop a newsgathering system for, write and produce a newsletter.

Newsletter must be at least four pages. A cover page, a back page, and two internal pages.
You must include at least five pieces of visual content (photos that are captioned and logos).
It must have a title with a date and a publication number (Vol. #, No. #).
It needs a letter from the (editor/director/president/CEO) that explains the theme.
It must include at least two feature stories.
Please include an explanation to me that details your client communication and decisions reached.

Client Communications

Worked with your client to understand their newsletter needs. Is this newsletter part of a series? Is it a first-time publication? How often would they want to distribute it? In what format would they want to distribute it (print or electronic)?


Designed a newsletter using a publishing software program.

Writing Style
Customized your message to fit the needs of your client. Determined a focus that is outlined in the introduction section (letter from CEO, etc). Included articles and information that centered around that focus. Content was engaging.

Sentence structure
Article was proofed for grammar, spelling, AP style, flow, and sentence structure before submission.