New Intern :) In International Programs
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New Intern :) In International Programs

New Intern :) In International Programs

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Published: April 9, 2018 0 0 130
By: Gaylon goes by Wynn Moore, Tarleton State University
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As a new intern to the International Programs, I am just learning the department and getting my feet wet. I can learn a lot by listening and watching. Listed directly below are some highlights of the new kid:
*The week of March 26 I was able to get a student worker email set up and map a computer to the international drive.
*The week of April 2 I was not in the office.
*The week of April 9 I did a mass email RE carrying flags at graduation ceremonies to department heads and student organizations, help on the phone, and design and print name tags for an upcoming event.
I have started a few goals for this Intern position. My goals may seem simplistic, but they are goals!
**I would like to learn the names of all the interns and other office staff. There are so many schedules it can be head turning if we are all in the office at the same time.
**I am learning some insider language. No one ever thinks of insider language, but it is there.
I am looking forward to the opportunities this Intern position will allow me to discover.