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Published: December 8, 2017 1 0 498
By: Terren Moore, Tarleton State University
Category: Agriculture & Nat'l Resources
Hashtags: #Agriculture #Environment #EnvironmentalImpact #EnvironmentalScience #Farming #FFA #FFAGreenhand #learnbydoing #naturalresources #Sustainability

I was attending the New Century Farmer conference in Des Moines, Iowa in July 2017. A man pulled me aside at a meeting saying he wanted to talk to me. "Are you Terren Moore?" I said "yes sir that it me." Then me mentioned me being the face of the New Horizons magazine later in the year. I took the opportunity and here it is! It is an honor to be recognized for my efforts in agriculture. Thank you New Horizons and Meredith Corporation.


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