Marketing Role Playing Assignment
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Marketing Role Playing Assignment

Marketing Role Playing Assignment


Published: October 25, 2018 0 0 956
By: Ariel Sanchez, Tarleton State University
Category: Marketing
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In this assignment, I had to come up with 4 questions listed below and interview a fellow classmate. I had to play the persona of a NETSUITE employee and my classmate as the person looking for a job with NETSUITE. ( The video should be 2-3 minutes long.

Role-Playing Assignment # 1

Q1. You know, most students we interview want to start in sales but think they should move into marketing soon after. How long would you plan to stay in sales? Why?
Q2. As a salesperson, what would you expect from NetSuite?
Q3. Which would you prefer, salary or commission? Why?
Q4. Tell me about a situation where you were selling something, an idea or anything, and they weren’t buying. What did you do? (After you tell the interviewer, follow up with this.) Why did that work or fail to work?