Leadership - Entry 4


Published: November 20, 2017 0 0 370
By: Sellena Burger-Fennell, Tarleton State University
Category: Kinesiology
Hashtags: #LifeAsISeeIt #runningman #TarletonState

Yesterday I attended the Sadler Speaker Series. I was given the opportunity to listen to an amazing marathon runner , Dr. Mike Sandlin. Dr. Mike Sandlin discussed his journey through his life of ups and downs. He engraved in our heads that never giving up gave him the best opportunists and that through his whole life journey he did it for himself, not for others. At the end of the day it was not about what prize he obtained, it was not about the record time that he ran it was about the views he got to see, the people he got to meet and the life he is able to live. I really enjoyed listening to his speech because it gave a different perspective to athletics. From his point of view it was not about competition it was about fulfilling himself in what he enjoyed which was running around the country. At the end of the day it was about what made him happy rather than pleasing others and I believe that is a quality we all can work on.