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Published: July 24, 2018 0 0 349
By: Destiny Cox, Tarleton State University
Category: Education
Hashtags: #Academics #College #Education #Leadership

During the Fall 2017 semester the SSMI office and I had the opportunity to create a mentor program that was geared toward students participating in the iSucceed program and students that were not quite college ready in the areas of math, reading, and writing. The Academic success peer mentor program helped 650+ students. Of those students about 30% became TSI complete and college ready with the help of our trained mentors. I provided biweekly training for the mentors. We discussed academic topics such as testing strategies, library skills, and self motivation. The point of these meetings were so the mentors were equipped with appropriate knowledge, that they then could pass on to the mentees. Through this experience I was able to lead the leaders of Tarleton's campus. We were all driven by academics and service. They were all wonderful to work with but challenges did arise. A major issue that we faced were students were reluctant to reply or participate with the mentors when they made there weekly contacts. I made sure that the reluctant students were still getting information through calls, texts, and emails even if there was no reply. We chose to focus on the students that were willing and excited about being a participant in the ASPM program! I am currently laying the foundation for a more efficient program to take place this upcoming fall semester. It will be much easier for the mentors to reach out to their group of students without pestering them, which is some feedback we got from the mentees. There will be biweekly contact instead of every week. This will ease some of the responsibility on the mentors as well as the students. They will be communicating through email, for ease and to teach freshmen students the importance of checking emails.


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