ICA # 11


Published: October 8, 2018 0 0 388
By: Jalathea Ford, Tarleton State University
Category: Psychology
Hashtags: #psyc_4305_030_82846_201808_2018

In this movie clip 3 high school friends are deciding what to type of breath refresher to buy before going to the fall dance. One of the guys is about to choose orange flavored tic-tac which one of his friends in turn says it is a bad choice of flavor and goes on to tell him the problems with choosing that specific flavor and the other friend informed him of a way to remember a certain rule with gum are examples of representative heuristics. A representative heuristic is using a mental shortcut when people classify something according to how similar it is to a previous or typical case, and in this case the boys were using what was represented in their past experiences to assist in the decision on which breath refreshment to purchase. This is the exact thinking we as people do everyday when we have to make decisions or are apart of the decision making process.