How to Make your Brand Memorable
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How to Make your Brand Memorable

How to Make your Brand Memorable


Published: March 4, 2019 0 0 210
By: Ariel Sanchez, Tarleton State University
Category: Marketing & Advertising
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1) Include a news article in the past 30 days which describes a marketing situation in your slides

2) Use 6-8 PowerPoint slides to simulate a brief communication of your thoughts on marketing events to relevant business partners.

3) Include a description of the marketing situation, a brief analysis of the marketing situation, two questions for furthering discussions along with your reasonings for your proposed solutions (i.e., something you think you can discuss with business partners). Be sure to RELATE to consumer behavior concepts or theories we learned in the course somewhere in the slides.

you may use some slides for only keywords​, tables, graphs, pics etc. (like how you will do in a business presentation) but other slides to include your scripts/explanations about the contents on the previous slides.


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