Highlights of my final semester
Like Gaylon goes by Wynn Moore

Highlights of my final semester

Highlights of my final semester


Published: April 9, 2019 0 0 86
By: Gaylon goes by Wynn Moore, Tarleton State University
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Highlights of my final semester – Gaylon Wynn Moore
I have not been at Tarleton State University that long, just one year. Transferring in to Tarleton State University as a non-traditional student has been a learning experience in itself. I have learned about traditions for questions of students and faculty.
Some of the traditions I have learned about are
• Not walking on the grass
• Purple Poo
• Oscar P.
A learning goal was to expand my knowledge of Study Abroad. I did this by working in the Department and studying abroad! I took an Interpersonal Communication class in Belize led by Dr. Lora Helvie-Mason. Learning about Interpersonal Communication began at the airport and slowly making our way through customs. This experience earned me a class and I gained knowledge that I use to help other students as they make their way through the Study Abroad Portal.
Some semester highlights are:
• Working with the GA to produce needed flyers and handouts with information about Study Abroad
• Print, cut, and assemble pocket sized pamphlets for the summer Study Abroad students to carry as a quick reference
• Putting together a list of the drives and programs the new intern will need, along with details of file names
• Becoming better with the Terra Dotta program
• Updating forms as needed or requested
• Maintaining the supplies in the OA Grant rack
• Assisted in scholarship spreadsheet updating
My final semester is staying busy, but graduation is becoming real. I have used Student Services to assist with updating my resume and have a mock interview.
I have not been at Tarleton State University for long, but it has been an around good learning experience. Cheers to the Class of 2019!


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