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Future Poultry Program Flier

Future Poultry Program Flier


Published: November 1, 2018 0 0 123
By: Brittney Reeves, Tarleton State University
Category: Agriculture & Nat'l Resources
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My intern supervisor, Liz Rudd, has a lot of Dallas county residents interested in raising "backyard chickens." On October 29, 2018 we hosted a preliminary program at R.L. Turner High School aimed towards residents of Farmers Branch and Carrollton who are interested in beginning their own flock of backyard chickens. Both cities recently created new ordinances about residents raising chickens in their back yard, and one city even required a "poultry training" before one was able to begin the process. So, we held a program named "Chickens in the City" that night to give a formal training on chickens, and see if this is something that would interest more people across Dallas County. We had a pretty good turnout and most were interested in learning more. Liz and I went back to the office, and decided that she was going to host a 4-month long series on backyard chickens for Dallas County residents to attend. I was instructed to create an outline of the sessions and the topics that would be discussed at each. Attached is a copy of the "pre" flier I created for the program with all of the topic information, as well as the required AgriLife logo, and disclaimer at the bottom.


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