Evidence of PD - (Entry 5)
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Evidence of PD - (Entry 5)

Evidence of PD - (Entry 5)


Published: March 11, 2019 0 0 130
By: Brittany Thompson, Tarleton State University
Category: Athletics
Hashtags: #Giving #Givingback #givingbacktoourcommunity

We all got together and purchased some board games to take to the foster home to play with the kids and then donate them so the kids could continue to play with them. I spent the hour we were there teaching a table full of kids how to play clue. It became a very competitive game to say the least. Without really even trying i ended up winning in the end ,but all the kids really loved playing it.

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  • Coy Barrick
  • Kayla Ewing
  • Kristin Cunningham