Evidence of PD - (Entry 3)
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Evidence of PD - (Entry 3)

Evidence of PD - (Entry 3)


Published: March 11, 2019 0 0 127
By: Brittany Thompson, Tarleton State University
Category: Athletics
Hashtags: #Giving #Givingback #givingbacktoourcommunity #ProfessionalDevelopment

As a cohort we did a team building activity where we put together a bike to give to some kids in need at the foster home. It was great way to learn about how our classmates work in a group and to give back to our community. We personally got to go and meet the kids we were giving the bikes to and that was a fun and exciting thing to do. To see the kids faces when we showed up with the bikes was priceless.

Tagged Teammates:

  • Coy Barrick
  • Kayla Ewing
  • Kristin Cunningham