Event Planning and Management Reflection
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Event Planning and Management Reflection

Event Planning and Management Reflection


Published: November 19, 2020 0 0 8
By: Renee Burns, Tarleton State University
Category: Writing
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At the end of Event Planning and Management, we were tasked with writing a reflection paper about our experiences and what we learned. The professor gave us an outline to follow, but because my experiences we very limited, I went off script and submitted this instead. It is still very much a reflection, just done on my terms. And I should mention, this honest depiction of my trials and tribulations was well received by my professor, even if it didn't quite follow her requested format. The course requirement was to volunteer 30 hours of my time to local events to help with everything from grunt work to planning. I took this course in summer 2020, while the pandemic was still wreaking havoc on the event industry.


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