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Published: March 11, 2019 0 0 158
By: Brittany Thompson, Tarleton State University
Category: Athletics
Hashtags: #AssessingCriticalThinking #AthleticTraining #athletictrainingawareness #Athletictraininghighschools #athletictrainng #NTATS

We handed out information on the university and things relative to our program to highschool students. We had groups of students that we did group activities with that included getting to know one another and learning about things that affects highschool athletes that the students are around on a daily bases. We helped with the Athletic Trainers Olympics. I had a great time working with the highschool students through the activities and get to know them a little bit through the icebreaker activities. I learned that it is important to give back and to help teach up the younger generations that could become part of the future profession.

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  • Alayshia Hunter
  • Kayla Ewing