Easter at the Ranch (Paws for Reflection)
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Easter at the Ranch (Paws for Reflection)

Easter at the Ranch (Paws for Reflection)


Published: January 25, 2019 1 1 285
By: Gerrod Boothe, Tarleton State University
Category: Volunteering
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Easter at the Ranch for families with a child or children that has special needs is an event during Easter, where we planted over 4000 eggs all over designated areas so they could have their own egg hunt. Activities include arts and crafts, carnival games, refreshments, interactions with our ranch animals, and of course joining the Easter Bunny for the big Easter Egg Hunt. Of the three egg hunting areas for the children, one for the very young or physically challenged who may need a helper, one for those who may need a little extra time, and a third area for siblings with no challenges that can compete freely.


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