"Classifieds" Job Search Mobile App
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"Classifieds" Job Search Mobile App

"Classifieds" Job Search Mobile App


Published: November 5, 2020 0 0 365
By: Kiyana Cherry, Tarleton State University
Category: Mobile App Design
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Concept project for a mobile job search app, completed for Udacity's User Experience Nanodegree. View the finished Prototype.

The methods I used to complete this project are as follows:
• Evaluated users needs and pain points to create a hi-fidelity prototype for a mobile job search app
• Interviewed job seekers to gather data as part of user research, synthesized results, and
established key features
• Designed and iterated on wireframes and hi-fidelity mock-ups based on user flows


UX_Portfolio_-_Classifieds.pdf 3.3 MB