Certifications - Entry 3
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Certifications - Entry 3

Certifications - Entry 3


Published: October 30, 2020 0 0 310
By: Gentrye Munden, Tarleton State University
Category: Kinesiology
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I received the certificate for unified sports coaching on November 10, 2020. I Believe this is a course that is imperative for coaches to complete. I feel that it is essential to know how to incorporate special needs kids into athletic programs. I am interested in this certification because my sister is autistic and doesn't get treated fairly, and is shunned for her disability at her high school. WHY? Because the coaches don't want to deal with her. Nor do they know how to deal with her if she has an episode. This is why I chose to become certified in coaching unified sports. To become more knowledgeable about ways to incorporate special needs children into my athletic program one day as a coach.

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