Canvas LMS Course Creation Script
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Canvas LMS Course Creation Script

Canvas LMS Course Creation Script


Published: February 27, 2019 1 0 1.1K
By: Justin Carrell, Tarleton State University
Category: Coding
Hashtags: #API #Bootstrap #CanvasLMS #Coding #Html #lmsadministrator #Programming

I developed an app to help our team create development and migrated Canvas LMS shells utilizing the naming conventions agreed upon by the team.

Technologies include:
+ Bootstrap for the Design
+ HTML for the Web Form Components
+ PHP for writing CSV files to the server and packaging them up into a Zip Archive
+ AJAX / JQUERY to pre-load database information (if available) into the web form.
+ Utilizes the Incoming WebHook Slack API to send a message to a Slack channel after a team member has utilized the script.
+ MySQL Database is used to log which team member generated a zip. The direct link to the file is added to a database table.


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