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Published: November 17, 2017 0 0 363
By: Destiny Cox, Tarleton State University
Category: Education
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The Academic Success Peer Mentor Program was designed as a campus wide mentor-ship for students that are not college ready. I organized and facilitated the group and content shared with the students participating in the iSucceed program. The mentors kept weekly journals of contact through Google Docs. While some preferred to keep track in a notebook. I've uploaded one of my star mentors contact log above. Academics are vital to my personal growth and career path, with that being said having the opportunity to run a program that was geared towards connecting students to academic resources on campus was beneficial. Not only to the students receiving the help but to my mentors and myself. We were able to become better more confident leaders on our campus! During the semester as school and personal lives began to get busier, the ASPM group had the challenge of bettering time management skills. Many of us were successful but a few were not. That's when a person has to make a decision to give up some responsibility and ask for help, which the mentors had no problem doing. I really enjoyed working side by side with my fellow leaders of Tarleton State University.


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