Music Administration Portfolio pt. 1
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Music Administration Portfolio pt. 1

Music Administration Portfolio pt. 1


Published: June 28, 2020 1 0 485
By: Michael Lehew, Tarleton State University
Category: Education
Hashtags: #College #Education #Leadership #ProfessionalDevelopment #Teacher

The assignments listed in this folder represent a reflection of who I am as a potential leader in my field. These reflections represent my strengths and weaknesses and how I might initially improve on them over time. As I am discovering my leadership abilities, I am also showing my beliefs and philosophies towards certain school situations that may arise if were the Fine Arts Director. To further expand on my agenda, there is a power point listed that deals with the goals of being a vertical fine arts staff in a given district, as well as, a timeline of how to pursue a new program if my future Superintendent asked me to start one.


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